Odyssey MacBook Case - MobiWire
Odyssey MacBook Case - MobiWire
Odyssey MacBook Case - MobiWire
Odyssey MacBook Case - MobiWire

Odyssey MacBook Case

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We offer FREE worldwide shipping! Our team endeavors to create each custom-made cover with care, typically completing production within 1 business day.

Enjoy FREE shipping on all cases. Please expect an estimated delivery period of 5 to 15 days from the date of case production. For example, if you place an order on the 1st, your case will be meticulously crafted on the 2nd and promptly dispatched. You can anticipate its arrival around the 10th, delivered straight to your mailbox via mail.

* The site's photos are demonstrative; due to camera cutouts, your phone's appearance may vary.
For an exact preview, contact us for a photo sample.
** Different screens show colors differently; slight variations in color may occur.

What You Get

Set off on a vibrant adventure with your MacBook protected by the Odyssey MacBook Case. It's a visual journey, capturing the essence of exploration with its lively jungle motif, complete with lush greenery and exotic flowers. At the heart of this journey is an animated character, a representation of adventure itself, swinging carefree among the vines, her hair flowing in the wild wind.
This case isn't just about spirited escapades; it’s a sanctuary for your MacBook, crafted from durable materials that guard against the wear and tear of daily quests. The fit is precision-engineered, ensuring every port and button remains accessible, offering convenience without sacrificing security.
The colors are as bold as the case is robust, printed with high-quality techniques that promise not to fade, just like the memories of your travels. This case brings a touch of the extraordinary to the everyday, for the explorer at heart who wants to keep their tech as adventurous as their spirit.
Whether you're working from a cafe or plotting your next getaway, the Odyssey MacBook Case invites you to dream bigger, work smarter, and venture further, all while keeping your MacBook safe and stylish. It’s more than a case; it’s your MacBook's companion for every adventure.

Top-quality materialsPremium quality


Heavy duty cellphone caseLogo shines through

Responsive and protected buttons Responsive & Protected Buttons  

Premium quality, no-fade prints High-Quality, No-Fade Prints


Raised bezel phone screen protectionAll around protection 

lightweight phone cover4 feet for stability


All ports accessible phone caseAll ports accessible


Lead with the iconic Apple, shining through our expertly designed MacBook case, a beacon of your ambition and the prowess of your device. Our case not only offers a protective sanctuary for your MacBook but also celebrates its heritage, allowing the emblematic logo to illuminate your workspace with its radiant glow.

Stability is non-negotiable, which is why our case is fortified with four robust rubber feet at the base, ensuring your MacBook remains as steadfast as a fortress, eliminating any risk of slides or wobbles. Beyond its steadfast base, our case wraps your MacBook in 360-degree protection. From high-stakes tumbles to gentle nudges, our all-around shielding guarantees a safe landing in any scenario, ensuring that the sandwiches may fall butter-side down, but your laptop doesn’t.


Understanding the intensive workload your MacBook handles, our design is fully vented to promote optimal heat dissipation. This feature allows your laptop to breathe easily and stay cool, maintaining peak performance even during heavy usage. And to ensure your MacBook remains as polished as on the first day, our case boasts a scratch-resistant surface. Ready to withstand the hustle and bustle of daily life and even the most unexpected encounters, it preserves the sleek, pristine look of your device.

Our MacBook case is more than a protective layer; it's a fusion of style, functionality, and enduring durability. It's crafted to keep your MacBook safe, cool, and stylish, reflecting your personal ambition and the device's capability, day after day.

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